Holidaying in Lanzarote with your baby

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The importance of a good holiday shouldn’t be undermined, but when you’re travelling with a young baby you may find yourself stressed about your trip before you’ve even set out. Find out how you can put your mind at rest and start looking forward to a gorgeous holiday in Lanzarote with your little ones with this help of these baby related hints.

Milk and bottles
You’ll find there are plenty of perfectly good cartons of milk and powdered brands to choose from, but getting hold of specific UK brands can be tricky, especially if you’re staying away from big towns. If your baby is fussy about brands, you might be best bringing your own powdered milk. Be sure to make it up with bottled water though, to be on the safe side, and take some cold water purification tablets with you just in case.

Also remember that if you’re trying to take cartons with you from UK airports, you will need to pack them in your hold baggage to avoid liquid restrictions – the last thing you want to do is have to leave your baby milk with the staff at Luton Airport.

Baby food and nappies
The top brands of baby food you’ll find while in Lanzarote are Nestle, Beech Nut and Hero, all of which are fairly reasonably priced. However, you may struggle to find savoury types, as most of the cans and packets of baby food tend to be sweet, so it’s very worth packing a few of your little one’s favourites. The fresh fruit is wonderful although the bananas tend to be a little harder than in the UK.

Getting your hands on nappies should be easy and you’ll find Huggies and other UK brands in shops, however, they tend to be pretty expensive. Good local brands include Bambino and Dodots.

High chair and car seats
The majority of restaurants are likely to be able to help you out with a high chair, but if you’re planning on staying in self catering accommodation or in a small hotel, it’s worth checking whether there will be one available for you there or not.

Car seats can often be hard to come by when booking taxis and they can sometimes be of a fairly low quality, although booster seats tend to be fine. Rather than take your own car seat with you, rent a quality version to use during your stay in Lanzarote, places like Lanzorote Hire Me have plenty of accessories to choose from.

Lanzorote is a place with a big focus on family fun, so you’ll find that many of the resultants and hotels will be happy to help you out with any extra you and your baby need. Get your cheap flights to Lanzarote booked and start looking forward to a relaxing holiday for the whole family.

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