Exploring The Island Of Lanzarote

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The Canary Islands offer a great number of sightseeing opportunities. The easternmost island – Lanzarote – is particularly interesting. There are many things that see on this small island. Here is a quick guide for you. One of your first stops could be The Green Caves, which were formed by volcanic eruptions. You can enjoy [...]

Lanzarote – The Island of Fire

March 8, 2010 by  
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The fourth largest of the Canary Islands is called Lanzarote. It is often referred to as the Island Of Fire, which stems from it’s history of violent volcanic eruptions. The island has become a hot spot for tourism from people all around the world. However, because of many local laws and regulations, most of the [...]

Where is Lanzarote?

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About 250 kilometers off of the atlantic coast of west Africa sits a grouping of islands referred to as the Canary Islands. This is a group of eight islands, the largest and most populated being Tenerife with about one million residents. Lanzarote is the fourth largest of the islands and it is known for it’s [...]