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The Unique Cuisine of Lanzarote

March 7, 2010 by admin  
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The unique location of Lanzarote has made the cuisine equally unique. The food of the island can only be described as international. There are several native dishes that remain popular but the island has really become known as a top site for cuisine from all over the world.

The island has been under Spanish control for many years. However, it runs as an autonomous community. This means that the native food was able to flourish while receiving a healthy influence from Spanish cuisine. This resulted in dishes such as tapas, or snacks, that are served in bars in both Lanzarote and Spain. There are also many dishes that are heavy in the use of roast lamb and beef.

However, the main source of food on the island is obviously from the sea. So, there are many seafood dishes such as the ‘Pescado a la sal’ which is a fish dish baked in salt. The ‘Sancocho Canario’ is a native stew that is made with potatoes and dried fish. You will also find that much of the Lanzarote menu consists of calamari, octopus, tuna steak and many other types of fish.

Puchero and Potaje are other types of stews that are crafted from different meats, along with chickpeas, vegetables and lentils. Papas Arrugadas is a potato dish that has been boiled in sea water and is often served with ‘mojo’ which is a native sauce consisting of garlic and paprika.

But, don’t let the rich native menu fool you. Ever since Lanzarote has become a major player in the holiday industry, there has been an explosion in international cuisine. This means that you can find Mexican, American, Italian, Eastern and all other kinds of food on the island. Take time to plan our your restaurant visits before you leave for you trip of you may be overwhelmed by the time you get there.

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